Matthew Figiel-Miller, LCSW-C

Not all therapists are the same. I help my clients find practical solutions to the issues facing them, and together we find ways to change the patterns behind these issues. Whether depression, anxiety, or dealing with a difficult life event, the situations facing us can feel overwhelming. For over 12 years I've empowered children, families, and adults as they move toward their goals. I am experienced in school and community settings, as well as inpatient, and I enjoy working with people of all backgrounds and orientations.

I have a friendly style that sets people at ease paired with an eye for finding the points of misalignment in a confusing system. I use an action-oriented strengths-based approach, meaning that we work together to make direct progress using the skills you already possess.

I provide strong therapeutic care and am committed to offering this at affordable rates. I currently accept CareFirst and Cigna insurance.  If you have alternate insurance, I can help you to understand the reimbursement process. Our first session is free, to make sure we're both confident that we're a good fit.

My Experience


After college I received training at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, part of the Johns Hopkins Hospital focusing on children and adolescents with disorders of the brain.  I worked for a year on the Neurobehavioral Unit, an inpatient unit for patients with severe behavioral problems.  The approach there was behavioral in nature, which means a focus on the environmental responses (internal as well as external!) that are keeping negative behaviors in place. 

From there, I worked for many years at the North Baltimore Center.  This is a community-based mental health center, where I had significant experience working with individuals with schizophrenia, depression, and other chronic mental illnesses.  My role there included a large degree of off-site work, meeting people in their homes or in the community.

I then worked for a decade at Villa Maria, part of Catholic Charities of Maryland.  I provided therapy for adults, children, and families in the office setting, in homes, and partnered with a variety of other agencies - everything from a pediatrician's office to city schools to a youth violence reduction program.

These different experiences have given me a focus on concrete results and an appreciation for practical interventions that lead to change.  I use behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), zeroing in on the patterns of thought and action that lead to discomfort.  You're coming in because there's something in your life you would like to change.  My job is to help make this positive change happen, as soon as possible!