At Eager Street Counseling we provide strong clinical skill in a warm and supportive setting.  Whether having low mood, excessive worries, or dealing with some of the complicated situations that life can provide, we're here to help.

We work with adults and children, couples and families, and are pleased to work with all the diverse populations of Baltimore, whether family background, gender identification, religion, or sexual orientation.




10 West Eager Street
Suite 312
Baltimore, MD 21201


Eager Street Counseling is a place for you to feel supported and to get the help you want.


So often the times we most need assistance are the times we're least able to reach out for help.  We're here to strengthen and encourage you, to be in your corner as you make improvements in your life. 

We specialize in working with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, or difficult life events.  Depression can be the expected low mood or can also be excessive irritability, difficulty concentrating, or a lack of motivation.  Anxiety is encompassing worry, which can also present as exhaustion, difficulty sleeping, or a persistent feeling of being on edge.  Difficult life events could be a significant trauma, or could be challenging or influential memories.

A variety of services to fit your needs


Every person has a unique situation.  We are invested in providing help that is tailored to the specific difficulty.



Individual Counseling

In one-on-one counseling, you have a safe and confidential environment to explore feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, work through difficult situations from the past, or simply find ways to improve your quality of life. 

Depending on your needs, you may find resolution in as few as five or six sessions, or may decide that a longer course of treatment is right for you.  We are focused on your needs and what you decide is best for you.

Couples Counseling

Sometimes we can find ourselves in negative patterns with our partners, finding that conflicts too-often spiral out of control and that somehow the loving feelings have gotten harder to find.  

Couples counseling can help repair a relationship that has gotten off track, or can solidify a strong foundation for a pair planning on marriage.  


Youth and Family Counseling

The teenage years are notoriously difficult to navigate - both for the family and the youth.  It can feel like every attempt at communication just makes things worse.  As a parent, it's a terrible feeling that your child is unhappy and you can't figure out what to do to make things right.

We balance the need of the child to have a safe and confidential space to address their issues with the needs of the parent to be involved.  We have a long track record of engaging with kids, being an ally and helping them find ways to change, so that things can get better.